For Publishers

Display ads to earn bitcoin

Sign up, get your site approved, and add our ad tags to your site - That is all that's needed to start earning Bitcoins from your website's traffic! You'll be served high quality ads from our direct advertisers as well as our premium network of Real-Time-Bidding partners to maximize your revenue. We accomodate all IAB ad sizes, including mobile ads, and our effective CPM rates are high competive with any other major ad network.


Instant Withdrawals Available

One of the main benefits of using BitcoinAds is you are able to withdrawal portions of your earnings on demand to your personal wallet. Any Advertiser's funds on our network who purchase ads directly with Bitcoin are instantly available to the publisher as soon as he has displayed the ads. For any ad inventory filled with our RTB partners a sepereate balance in $USD is shown in your account. This balance is held for a net45 period, and converted to BTC on the 45th day after each month at the current market rate. This newly converted BTC balance is then immediatley added to you available BTC balance and able to be transfered to your personal wallet at any time.